Personal Tax

Our personal income tax preparation services can assist you in preparing your tax returns accurately and promptly.

We prepare taxes for:

  • Single individuals

  • Couples

  • Couples with children

  • Commission income individuals

  • Employed professionals

  • Self-employed (small business owners)

  • Students

  • Individuals with multiple sources of investment income

  • Non-residents with Canadian source income

  • Or any other tax matters


Corporate Tax

Our corporate tax services can assist you to fulfill all your corporate tax needs. We can assist you with the preparation of:

  • Corporate income tax return

  • GST/HST returns

  • Payroll and preparation of T4/T4A

  • T5


Tax Audit Services

When you receive letters from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) asking for additional information about your tax returns or if CRA has selected you for tax review or tax audit, we have the expertise to assist you in the whole process.


Tax Consulting

Are you paying too much taxes every year? Ars you worried about the accuracy of your tax returns? We can review your tax returns and advise you of any errors or any deductions or credits opportunities.

We can advise you concerning your investments such as real estate, rental property, stock and other securities.

We always encourage taxpayers to consult a tax expert before any significant personal or business transaction to make sure that your transaction does not cause any adverse tax consequences. Making changes to the legal structure and nature of transactions are much easier before they occur.